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While well-versed in design styles of every aesthetic, The Design Lab walks most comfortably on the wild side. This team relishes a good delve into bold prints, unique palettes, and unexpected textures and firmly believes that personal style and interior design play inescapably well together. Principal Designer and A\Typical Studio Partner Lauren Bald has over 10 years experience working in both the interior design and real estate industries, and has held titles including Design Director, Project Manager, and Interior Designer throughout her career. Having worked on over 80 projects (including residential, new build, commercial, and multi-family), there aren’t many interior scenarios she hasn’t encountered—but she’ll never tire of an unexpectedly punchy powder room. Alongside Lauren, you’ll find a proficient team that’s as comfortable maintaining the minutiae as they are sourcing adventurous wallpaper and uncommon sconces:

Designer Haley Baske holds a bachelor’s degree in interior design with a minor in business from Oregon State, and is well-versed in both commercial and residential design. She pulls aesthetic inspiration from Yellowtrace and Sight Unseen.

Lauren Bald

Principal @ Design Lab
Managing Partner @ A\ Typical

Haley Baske

Designer @ Design Lab