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Pursuit Of Happiness
Lauren Bald
Salt Lake City, UT
Aline Bustios-Donoso

A true lesson in happiness over perfection - this bright flat in the historic Downtown SLC Belvedere Building is a juxtaposition at every turn. The classic 1920's apartments were originally a hotel on State Street, and this particular unit still has the original black and yellow tile, crystal chandelier over the dining table, and hints of historic moulding and hardware throughout. The homeowner's eclectic taste and personal collection ranges from mid-century modern, to antiques, to colorful pop art. The task at hand was to combine unique pieces and colorways into a space that still felt cohesive and welcoming. By painting the entire space in a bright white (SW Greek Villa) we allowed for the individual pieces to do the talking, while keeping a consistent backdrop throughout. Overall, this home is designed to evolve over time and adapt to the needs and ever changing additions to this artistic home.