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The A\Typical designer index is a study in skill and artful distinctiveness. Combined, our collection of designers has the refined characteristics of any worthwhile space: warm, versatile, balanced, textured, and unique. Each has their own set of skills, tastes, and specialties, but each of them is here to help you bring to life an interior you’ll be completely crazy for. We won’t tell you what you like (that’s not really our style). Our model merely facilitates your skinny-dip into the waters of stylistic discovery and collaborative magic. Consider us your blank slate, and together we’ll brainstorm, sketch up, and turn out some seriously cool interiors.

No matter the scale or scope of your vision, there’s an A\Typical Team to help you bring it to life in style. A few areas our index specializes in: 

And Objects

If you’ve got a project in mind, give us a shout. We’ve got a feeling this is going to be very, very cool… ☺︎

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66 Exchange Place
Salt Lake City, UT

Designer Index

Miriam Layton
Miriam Layton

Principal @ A\ Typical Studio
Partner @ A\ Typical Studio

Equipped with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Interior Design and NCIDQ certification since 2016, Principal Designer and A\Typical Studio Partner Miriam Layton has over 9 years experience in high-end residential, hospitality, and commercial interior design. She began her career in New York City, working for firms like Foley & Cox, TPG Architecture, and Parts & Labor Design, before swapping coasts to continue her work in Los Angeles. Pulling inspiration from the textured interiors of Kelly Wearstler, Neri & Hu, and Axel Vervoordt, her practice is bolstered by a team that’s well suited to bring layered composition, depth, and multi-dimensional harmony to any interior.

Cameo Winn
Cameo Winn

Principal @ A\ Typical
Partner @ A\ Typical

Jordan Geurts

Designer @ A\ Typical

From eclectic, mid-century spaces to Scandinavian hygge-inspired homes and moody ancient modernism, Cameo Winn pulls inspiration from all styles and every corner of the globe. A principal Designer and A\Typical Studio Partner, Cameo studied interior design at The Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising in Los Angeles, where she also worked for a handful of designers and high-end showrooms before returning to her home state. Her local CV begins in Park City, where she worked on mainly high-end residential design, custom furniture design, a variety of custom new-builds, large-scale development specifications, and vacation rental design. Today she has over 10 years in the industry and a passion for helping clients create a space that’s not only functional but uniquely beautiful and deeply personal. Backed by a team that’s as diligently devoted to day-to-day operations as they are to staying out of the doldrums, Cameo's ethos revolves around designing spaces that push boundaries and continue to surprise while remaining personal and meeting their clients’ every need.

Designer Jordan Guerts has an Associate of Applied Science in Interior Design from Ensign College and holds her bachelor’s from Utah State University. With an affinity for Parisian design and architecture, Jordan is particularly partial to historic preservation and restoration.

Lauren Bald
Lauren Bald

Principal @ A\ Typical
Managing Partner @ A\ Typical

Bailey Haltinner

Designer @ A\Typical

While well-versed in design styles of every aesthetic, Lauren Bald walks most comfortably on the wild side. This team relishes a good delve into bold prints, unique palettes, and unexpected textures and firmly believes that personal style and interior design play inescapably well together. Playing the role of both principal Designer and A\Typical Studio Partner, Lauren has over 10 years experience working in both the interior design and real estate industries, and has held titles including Design Director, Project Manager, and Interior Designer throughout her career. Having worked on over 80 projects (including residential, new build, commercial, and multi-family), there aren’t many interior scenarios she hasn’t encountered—but she’ll never tire of an unexpectedly punchy powder room. Alongside Lauren, you’ll find a proficient team that’s as comfortable maintaining the minutiae as they are sourcing adventurous wallpaper and uncommon sconces.

Ellie Velazquez

Admin @ A/Typical

The A\Typical administrative team does more than keep the lights on. Ordering up samples, handling swatches, accompanying site visits, and overseeing all day-to-day organization, this linchpin crew keeps the wheels on each of our designer houses spinning smoothly (and the lights on).

Head of A\Typical admin and purchasing, Elli Velazquez holds a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from University of Florida, and is currently working on a master’s in architecture from the University of Utah. She’s inspired by her parents, both of whom come from architectural backgrounds.

Designer Bailey Haltinner holds her associate degree in Interior Design from SLCC, and pulls interior inspiration from a layered aesthetic that mixes organic elements, mid-century style, and the moody-hued materials of dark academia.