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So Fresh and So Clean
Lauren Bald
Salt Lake City, UT
Jordan Layton

This amazing, modern home up above the Capitol was just about move in ready for our clients - save for the laundry room. This neglected space featured one barely hanging on shelf and an industrial-type sink - the rest was a blank slate. As the home is fairly modern, we wanted to keep the laundry room simple, but not cold. We decided to use a pop of green in the cabinetry and go dark on the counter top and hardware. Much of the home's interior is a light oak, so we opted to include an upper cabinet of the same finish for a nice bit of cohesion. The little kitty cut out for the litter box was a playful nod to our clients occupation working with animals.

Just adjacent to the laundry room is the owner's suite which had a tiny, unused nook. We matched the light oak in the millwork and created a usable storage and sitting bench, with some recessed shelving. The playful pops of color in the upholstery tie into the warm color scheme throughout the rest of the home.