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White Room
Cameo Winn
Salt Lake City
Jordan Layton

This space was designed to maximize seating and have an overall feeling of coziness and intimacy. The home was built in the mid-50's and rather than representing the era of bright colors and extreme patterns, we opted to create a more calming environment through texture and a neutral color palette. I wanted to give the narrow and long living room the feeling of an open floor plan by incorporating the lounge and dining room into one space. By introducing a large radius sofa, it allows for multiple people to comfortably relax together on a single piece of furniture. The perfect way to enjoy your drink of choice while seeing each other's laughing faces. The ability lounge next to the fireplace while still visiting with others who are enjoying a warm dish at the dining table is ideal. The mixture of styles, shapes, and scales throughout the furniture and art, introduces drama and interest in a space that has an overall feeling of minimalism. The use of heirlooms, art created by loved ones, and books gives this white room a personality of its own.